PC and Laptop Computers break down for a variety of reasons, software, hardware, malicious software or even physical damage, at Solar Computers our technicians have the required skills to fix your machine. This service is not Brand specific.

We offer a wide range of services, here is a small sample of some of the work we do on a regular basis and some of the symptons you might be experiencing Please note you could be suffering from a combination of problems, and many problems show very simlar symptons, it is in most cases always recomended that you have a Technician examing your system:

  • Hard Drive Replacement - PC & Laptop Computer - Machine wont load into it's Operating System or runs very slow.
  • Optical Drive Replacement - PC & Laptop Computer - Machine will no longer read from a CD or DVD.
  • Windows Errors - Blue Screens of Death - Failed Updates - PC & Laptop Computer - Windows either won't start or reports errors.
  • Laptop DC Power Jack Replacement - Soldered type and Remote - Laptop will no longer charge or charges when the cable is moved.
  • Laptop Screen Replacment - Physically Broken Screen, Lines down the Screen or Dead Pixels (Coloured Dots).
  • Laptop Inverter Replacement - Laptop Screen does not light up correctly.
  • Loose Laptop Screen Cabales - Laptop screen Flickers when the screen is moved.
  • Virus & Spyware Removal and Disinfection - PC & Laptop Computer - Pop ups, machine running slow, fake Anti Virus alerts.
  • Power Supply Replacement - Machine does not power on or will no longer charge (Laptop).
  • Graphics Card Replacement - Games won't run, Random coloured shapes when doing graphical work, machine does not put a picture on the screen.
  • Motherboard Replacement - PC & Laptop Computer - Dead Machine no sign of life, Machine powers up but nothing on the screen.
  • Processor Upgrades & Replacement - PC & Laptop Computer - Failed Processors will stop a machine starting, Upgrades if you require more performance.
  • RAM Upgrades & Replacement - PC & Laptop Computer - Failed RAM will stop a machine starting, Upgrades if you require more performance.
  • Bios Flashes & Upgrades - PC & Laptop Computer - Can Improve system stability, Increase the list of processors the machine will support.
  • Overheating Systems - PC & Laptop Computer - Machine shuts down whilst you are using it.
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