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Solar Computer Systems Ltd is your local PC and Laptop Computer sales / repair shop in Northampton, Northamptonshire. Trading for over 10 years  we at Solar  strive to provide a level of service and customer satisfaction that is unrivaled. Situated close to the town centre we are conveniently placed for all your needs. We offer a wide range of services, these include Custom Built PC  and Laptop Computers, PC and Laptop Computer repair services, Consumables, Media and Peripherals.


 New and Second User Computers and Laptops Northampton 

Custom Built PC and Laptop Computers

No matter what kind of Computer or Laptop you are looking for Solar Computers can make it for you. We build every thing from a basic office machine to a full blown gaming system. Call us to discuss your needs and get a quote.
 Computer Repairs Northampton, Laptop Repairs Northampton


PC and Laptop Computer Repairs 

PC and Laptop Computers break down for a variety of reasons, software, hardware, malicious software or even physical damage, at Solar Computers our technicians have the required skills to fix your machine. For more details on the kind of work we can do please see our Repairs Page. This service is not Brand specific.

 Virus Removal and Disinfection Service Northampton


Virus Disinfection and Removals 

Viruses and Spyware are common place in todays Internet world, They come in all shapes and sizes from fake alerts to keyloggers to Rootkits, Removing these completely can be tricky, At Solar Computers we can remove viruses and spyware and advise you on how best to defend from them with a range of quality Anti Virus solutions.

 Computer Upgrades, Laptop Upgrades, RAM, Hard Disks

PC and Laptop Computer Upgrades

Many people come to us for a new system because their current unit is slow, running out of hard disk space or simply does not do what they want it to. At Solar Computers we can offer a wide range of upgrades to improve you machines performance, from Graphics cards to Power Supplies, Hard Disks and RAM to Water cooling systems we can cater for everything.

 Computer Servicing, Laptop Servicing Northampton

PC and Laptop Computer Servicing

PC and Laptop Computers are more like a Car than any other electrical item in your home, both sorts of Computers require maintenance in the form of a service, We at Solar Computers offer 2 sorts of Service, Software which is a correct registry, start up clean and system optimisation, aswell as a Hardware service to prevent your machine getting heat damage.

 Accessories and Media Northampton, Blank CDs Blank DVDs and Ink

Accessories and Media

Blank CD's and DVD's, Mice, Keyboards, Speakers, Headsets, Cables, Thermal Compound, Ink Cartridges and much more, no matter what you need we can help, we cater for all ends of the market from basic equipment to Razer and Logitech Gaming Gear.


Whether you require Advice, Repairs, a new computer system, a new laptop, a refurbished computer system, a refurbished laptop, media, consumables or peripherals we are more than happy to help, feel free to call us,email us or visit us at our premises. We will be only to happy to assist you.

What do Solar Computer Systems offer ?  Areas Covered By Solar Computer Systems
 Custom Built PC and Laptop Computers  PC and Laptop Computer Repair Northampton
 PC and Laptop Computer Repairs  PC and Laptop Computer Repair Northamptonshire
 PC and Laptop Computer Upgrades  PC and Laptop Computer Repair Wellingbourgh
 PC and Laptop Computer Virus Disinfection and Removal  PC and Laptop Computer Repair Daventry
 Gaming PC and Laptop Computers Built
 PC and Laptop Computer Repair Kettering
 Laptop Power Jack Repair Service
 PC and Laptop Computer Repair Towcester
 Laptop Screen Replacements
 PC and Laptop Computer Repair Milton Keynes
 PC and Laptop Computer Servicing and Health Checks
 PC and Laptop Computer Repair Moulton
 Second User PC and Laptop Computers  PC and Laptop Computer Repair Brackmills
 Gaming Peripherals and Accessories  PC and Laptop Computer Repair Moulton Park
 Media and Ink Cartridges  PC and Laptop Computer Repair Round Spinney
Computer Repairs Northampton, Laptop Repairs Northampton